The Moisture Duo

Say goodbye to super dry skin and lips with this moisturising duo. Packed with cacoa butter, aloe vera and almond oil this body butter is more like a salve than a lotion. It's thick and buttery but absorbs so well it does not leave your skin greasy. The simple yet powerful lip balm only has three ingredients: carrot oil, honey and natural beeswax. It leaves your lips with a glossy shine and zero stickiness and has no weird taste like some natural lip balms have. Actually it's a bit sweet. 1 x Body Butter with Aloe Vera 1 x Carrot and Honey Lip Balm Get 15% off! If you don't mind a slightly dented body butter tin choose "YES" from the dropdown box below and enjoy a 15% discount. Product is not impacted at all. Only 2 available.

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Body Butter with Aloe Vera 
Beeswax, almond oil, sunflower oil, VCO, cacoa butter, aloe vera powder, lavender essential oil, orange essential oil, peppermint essential oil, vitamin E

Carrot and Honey Lip Balm
Organic beeswax, honey, carrot, oil

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