This 100% natural face routine will leave your skin exfoliated, moisturised, brightened and toned. 1 x Konjac face sponge ~Gently exfoliate your skin with this naturally soft antibacterial sponge. It can be used with or without cleanser. 1 x Elixer of Youth face oil ~Apply a few drops to clean dry skin as a daily moisturiser or as a night oil for a lifting and anti-ageing effect. Until warmer weather arrives this oil is partially solidified. Use the dropper and the warmth of your hand to extract a few drops. Less is more with this product. 1 x Gua Sha facial massage stone ~Use the Gua Sha tool with a few drops of the Elixer of Youth around your jaw line, cheek bones and forehead to increase circulation, smooth fine lines and tone facial muscles. Choose from the dropdown box below: Rose quartz - for love, healing and peace Black obsidian - for protection, grounding and driving out negative energy 1 x Vitamin C face serum ~Naturally moisturising, protective and anti-ageing, apply to clean dry skin alone or before your daily moisturiser if you have dry/combination skin. Vitamin C helps tighten pores and heal scars or rash. 1 x handwoven bamboo box

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Elixer of Youth by Mademoiselle Kelapa
Extra virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, essential oils

Face Serum by Mademoiselle Kelapa
Purified water, soy wax, bees wax, aloe vera and cucumber extract, vitamin E, vitamin C, aloe vera powder, cetyl alcohol, chamomile, essential oils of rosemary, frangipani, palmarosa

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