The Dare to Diffuse

Designed to instil positive vibes. Made Tea's Detox is a smooth uplifting blend of green tea, moringa, mint, ginger and lemon peel to help boost your metabolism and energy, reset your frame of mind, reduce cravings and flush out toxins. All of Made teas are free from additives, preservatives, synthetic fertizers and pesticides, their plants and herbs are locally sourced in the rich fertile land of Ubud, Bali, and they pay their farmers fair wages and offer flexible working hours for woman with family responsibilities. Feel great about this tea! Sit and sip near the natural reed diffuser and nourish your skin with an Australian Certified Organic body oil. Mood = improved. Choose one of three body oil infusions. 1 x Detox Made Tea 1 x stainless steel tea ball 1 x Ocean Breeze Isha Natural Reed Diffuser 1 x Australian Certified Organic Bunga Seni body oil - choice of: Rose with Vanilla & Patchouli Lavender with Vanilla & Peppermint Cinnamon & Orange 1 x reusable bamboo box

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Bunga Seni Australian Certified Organic Body Oil
Rose with Vanilla & Patchouli: Soya Bean Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Pure Grapeseed Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Vanilla Powder, Rose Petals
Lavender with Vanilla & Peppermint: Soya Bean Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Pure Grapeseed Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vanilla Powder, Virgin Coconut Oil, Lavender Flower
Cinnamon & Orange: Soya Bean Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Pure Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Cinnamon Stick