Our 100% soy wax candles are hand blended with coconut oil and natural plant-based fragrance oils on the island of Bali. They have a long clean burn of around 80 hours and the wood wick gives off a gentle crackling sound like a wood fire. It's soothing and hypnotic. Available in 4 scents. Choose a 350ml glass jar with recycled wood lid from the dropdown list below. bali state of mind (island jasmine & vanilla) sunday (island coconut) frangipani sandalwood

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Soy wax, coconut oil, natural plant-based fragrance oil

What are natural plant-based fragrance oils?
The process of making natural fragrance oils is done in a lab by extracting a single odour molecule called an isolate and mixing it with a carrier oil. Our fragrance oils are from natural plant-based sources such as jasmine and frangipani and use a carrier of pure coconut oil.  Using fragrance oils are advantageous because they are much cheaper and less consuming to produce than pure essential oils. For example, it takes about 10,000 roses to make just 5ml of pure essential rose oil. Natural fragrance oils also have a more consistent fragrance since pure essentials oils are dependent on many factors such as soil, weather and the general quality of harvest. Since fragrance oils are generally synthetic and often use a petroleum based carrier, it is important to know if your product is naturally derived or not. Burning synthetic candles such as conventional paraffin wax in your home contributes to poorer air quality.