These collapsible handwoven belly baskets are made from Purun, a tall swamp grass that grows fast and abundant in Kalimantan, Borneo. We love them as plant baskets but you can use them for storing practically anything depending on the size you need (toys, cosmetics, scarves, office supplies, laundry...). The natural characteristics of Purun gives each basket a beautiful yet unique detail. No two are exactly alike and sizes vary slightly. Material: Purun Grown in: Kalimantan Handwoven in: Kalimantan Approximate dimensions when open fully Small: 17cm(H) x 17cm(W) ~ pic 1 Medium: 29cm(H) x 25cm(W) ~ pic 1 Large: 39cm(H) x 34cm(W) ~ pic 2 * Items inside baskets are not included

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