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Full of abundance. It's lush green landscape, active volcanoes, rocky coastlines, extensive beaches and a culture to match its pseudonym, Island of the Gods. Bali definitely has a lot to offer, but what many people do not know is the progressive leap the island has taken in the natural and plastic free product sector. With limited waste disposal options and an ever growing plastic pollution problem many small businesses have used their ingenuity and the islands abundance to develop alternatives from natural plant derived materials. Nearly all products are made by hand in small batches, and the message is clear, plastic free packaging from cradle to gate. 

The sheer number of quality, eco-conscious, handmade products has completely taken off in recent years; from reusable straws, wax food wrappers and biodegradable kitchen sponges to bamboo makeup remover pads and all types of natural soaps, scrubs and lotions. Bali makes living a natural and plastic free life feel so easy, plus their products are beautifully crafted making your space look great too.

The Boxes
The Bali Box grew from a desire to support the craftspeople, artisans and eco-entreprenuers of Bali and share their products with Hong Kong. Our original concept, the quarterly eco-subscription, is currently shelved due to restrictions in place by COVID-19 but will be back in 2021. To be honest, it's been difficult sourcing the number of new products needed for the subscription box while ensuring product quality and ethical practices without being on the ground. We can't wait to return to Bali and get the eco-subscription back up and running. 

With that said, we have discovered a number of amazing brands in the past few months, which will be added to our curated theme boxes. Hello self-care and clean beauty! We're also trying out some Bali bags and planter baskets, which have been hand woven from natural materials grown in Bali and surrounding islands. We're even considering stocking small home decor in the future. Exciting things are happening here! Lots has changed due to these weird times but one thing remains the same. Our products will always follow our core ethos:

  • All products are carefully sourced from local artisans and small businesses in Bali and surrounding islands and are chosen for their environmental and social responsibility and positive business reputation.
  • We ensure that materials are naturally derived, made by hand and are plastic free with the exception of some caps on natural bug sprays and face serums/oils. 
  • Working conditions, fair pay and overall staff wellbeing are important to us and we will continue to meet and form relationships with the many amazing business owners and their staff in Bali. Because certifications such as Fair Trade are not widely used in Bali we let the makers set the price to ensure a fair wage.
  • The Bali Box currently only delivers to Hong Kong, and since there is no way around shipping, emissions generated are offset using, one of the best carbon offsetting organisations in the world.
  • Delivery within Hong Kong is always plastic free and we will continue to work with our suppliers in Bali to eliminate plastic from production to final packaging here in Hong Kong.  

Dr. Tara Alderson, Founder
Environmental awareness and sustainability entered my life in 2005 when I started a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies in Canada.  I completed my studies in the winter of 2008 and moved to Hong Kong to be with my now husband, and to be honest, it was a tough market to enter at that time. I floated around interning at a few social enterprises and attended as many "green" events as I could, so I was ecstatic when I landed a job at Ove Arup & Partners in their Environmental Consulting team. It was a perfect entry level position for someone with my degree and I worked on huge Environmental Impact Assessments for housing developments, roads and MTR stations. It was an amazing experience and I value my time at Arup significantly. 

With the need for something more progressive in the sustainability field I wrote a proposal to the Kadoorie Institute of The University of Hong Kong on sustainable food systems with a focus on Hong Kong and China. I graduated with a  Doctor of Philosophy in 2018 and you can find my thesis here if you dare. My time is now devoted to The Bali Box, with hopes to build the business and bring a wider range of amazing eco alternative products to Hong Kong.